Our specialty is structural steel fabrication equipment and custom factory automation

             Producer of Advanced Structural Steel Fabricating Equipment

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Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment

We've produced traditional CNC steel fabrication machines like beam lines, drilling centers, plate lines, etc., for years. It was this experience, combined with our knowledge of plasma and robotics that led to the creation
of PythonX.

Custom Material Handling
Sophisticated transfers, robotic palletizing systems, conveyors, automated overhead cranes
and measuring systems are all elements we incorporate into custom material handling solutions.

Custom Factory Automation
If your need is for an advanced, custom-engineered automation system to control machine tools, interface groups of machines
and coordinate material handling among various work centers, Burlington Automation engineers have the experience and expertise you're looking for.

Tube Mill Finishing Floor Equipment

We produce several models of multi-cut cold saws, plus tube packaging, tube washing and deburr equipment, all available
stand-alone items or integrated into Tube Processing/ Finishing systems.

Tire Factory Automation
We engineer and build a diverse set of machines that address the unique handling challenges of tiremakers.

PythonX assembly floor

Structural Fabricating Equipment, Material Handling and Custom Automation Solutions

Burlington Automation is known for the skill of our engineering and manufacturing staff with their 35+ years experience designing, building and commissioning custom CNC automated systems. They combine the latest technologies, like precision motion control, with their deep expertise to to solve tough customer problems.

Our product lines include structural steel fabricating machinery, tube cutting, processing and finishing systems, custom material handling equipment and automation systems. The industries we serve include Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, tube producers and tube processing plants, steel processors, tire manufacturers and, of course, structural steel and pre-eng building fabricators.

For all customers, regardless of industry, we maintain a continual focus on our mission to design and build advanced manufacturing systems, while providing superior service that keeps them operating at maximum performance.

With customers throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we understand the needs of a global customer base. Chief among those needs is an ability to quickly provide prompt and effective service around the clock. We've even applied our engineering expertise to solve this challenge.

Customer Service Tools That Keep Your Equipment Producing

For all Burlington Automation systems, startup and operator training is performed by the same factory specialists who build and test the equipment. This is true with PythonX startup training, which ordinarily takes 2 to 3 days. PythonX training is provided at your location, on your system producing the actual parts for which you have orders.

And if you ever need 'hands-on' support, those same factory specialists provide field service for your PythonX system.   Fortunately, you probably won't require that type of support because we've developed innovative diagnostics and remote access utilities that are part of every PythonX system we produce.  These utilities let us quickly interrogate the machine's status so long as there is internet access to the operator control. Here's how we use this remote interrogation capability:

      •  Conduct 'live chat' with your operators over the internet connection
      •  Interrogate the machine's diagnostics, alarms and subsystem status
      •  Control the machine and put it through selected operations
      •  Troubleshoot issues remotely and solve them 'over the phone'

We also offer all customers access to our dedicated '24/7' Product Support Hotline, and same-day shipment of parts.