There aren't many situations where you can say that a single piece of equipment changes your entire business strategy, but that is exactly what happens for many shops that acquire a PythonX. They instantly become much more productive because so much time and labor cost that was spent transferring material around the shop, from machine to machine and in an d out of inventory is no longer needed. And the time spent reading drawings and doing layout on steel pieces is no longer needed.

With PythonX on the job, the amount of scrap and rework is drastically reduced because human error is eliminated, with no layout and no programming of the machine, so long as the part detail drawing is correct, the final fabricated beam will also be correct. And finally, there's speed: PythonX can process an entire beam with over 30 features in a single pass in under 10 minutes. It's undoubtedly the most productive tool you'll find in any steel fabrication shop.

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PythonX Delivers . . .

No Programming or
Manual Layout

• All cutting instructions derived
  from detailing software file.

• Starting at the reference point      from the part drawing, the
  torch head  probes/ measures
  the workpiece, and calculates
  the standoff parameters.

No Manual Drilling, Cutting

• Virtually any shape a detailer
  can draw is interpreted by the
  on-board software, which
  programs the torch movement.

• Copes, bevels, compound
  miters with CNC accuracy.

Faster Processing

• Cuts off a structural beam
  4-6 times faster than bandsaw.

• Compound miter, cut holes and
  slots, cope and scribe beam
  in 5-10 minutes, versus 45-60
  minutes if done manually.

Reduced Material Handling

• No need to flip, turn or angle
  the steel beam. Torch head
  moves 360° around it.

• No longer any need to  transfer
  beam between machines.

No Changing Cutting Tools
or Blades

• No need to changeover tool
  between hole sizes.

• No blades to replace or
  cutting tools to sharpen.

PythonX Users Speak Out About How It Performs On The Job.

PythonX has started a revolution in structural steel fabricating machinery that is gaining momentum. With the number of installed systems now approaching 100, PythonX owners are realizing impressive productivity improvements, as well as turning out a higher quality product to their customers. Here's a sampling of what they have to say about their PythonX machine performance:

beam processing
Cutting Bolt Holes on an I-beam    "Since We got our PythonX we now run double the work with the same
   floorspace and the same number of employees. By my calculation, that's
   a 100% increase in productivity. "
                  California Structural Steel Fab Shop
The complete structural steel fab shop in a box   "Before PythonX we prepped everything manually. It took about an hour to
   prep, cope and drill 10 holes in a beam. Now, it takes about 10 minutes.
  The amount of time PythonX can save you is incredible."
                Ontario Structural Steel Fab Shop
All structural beam cutting operations in a single pass   "PythonX is remarkable! I load the beam on the infeed conveyor, press
  the 'START' button - I don't even watch what goes on in there - and out
  comes a completed beam, ready for fitting or painting."
                 Ontario Structural Steel Fab Shop
download of Tekla Xsteel files means no programming   "So you just click 'File/Open', choose the drawing file of the piece you
   want to fabricate and that's it? The machine is programmed ? Really?
   That's so simple! Anyone can do that. "
                  Western Canada Structural Steel Fab Shop
structural steel fabricating machinery has a new productivity champion   "PythonX offers us a 90% reduction in labor and an 18-fold increase in
  productivity. When we are running at full capacity, it will do the work we
  had 30 to 40 people doing before. "
                  Arizona Structural Steel Fab Shop
High-tech robotic plasma cutting is revolutionizing steel fabrication   "I can't figure out why everyone doesn't have a PythonX. It has given me
  a big advantage in bidding new work . . . to the point it has changed how
   I run my business. Thank you for developing this PythonX."
                California Structural Steel Fab Shop